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  Operationalisation of natural capital and ecosystem services

OpenNESS aims to translate the concepts of Natural Capital (NC) and Ecosystem Services (ES) into operational frameworks that provide tested, practical and tailored solutions for integrating ES into land, water and urban management and decision-making. It examines how the concepts link to, and support, wider EU economic, social and environmental policy initiatives and scrutinizes the potential and limitations of the concepts of ES and NC.

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Ecosystem services: never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis

OpenNESS coordinator Eeva Furman of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) reviewed the recently published Routledge Handbook on Ecosystem Services, written by the world's leading authorities in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Researchers from OpenNESS are well represented among the contributors of the handbook, which provides a comprehensive reference text on ecosystem services, integrating natural and social science (including economics). Collectively the chapters demonstrate the importance of biodiversity for people, policy and practice. Furman: "By having a chance to peek into the book, in my ratings, it will make an important contribution to the societal and academic debates on ecosystem services." Read the full review »

Integrating nature into circular economy

Natural capital should form an important and integral part of the discussion around implementing the recent EU Circular Economy Package. The Package’s implementation must be done in an integrated way by looking across sectors. These are two of the many take-home messages coming out of the stakeholder event ‘Unwrapping the Circular Economy Package’ that was held in the framework of the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU. OpenNESS participated in a breakout group on nature-based solutions and how these relate to circular economy. Read more »

Reminder: call for sessions final OpenNESS conference open until 15 February

We are excited to announce the European Ecosystem Services Conference 'Helping nature to help us' which will take place in Antwerp, Belgium from 19-23 September 2016. This conference will be the biggest European event in 2016 that links science, policy and practice on ecosystem services and natural capital. It is organised by the research projects OPERAs, OpenNESS, and ECOPLAN and the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP). It is hosted by the University of Antwerp in Belgium. Read more »

Photo: Uitkerkse Polders, Belgium © Yves Adams