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Project calendar

9-10 JULY 2014

OpenNESS Steering Committee meeting in Leipzig, Germany


10-11 JULY 2014

OpenNESS International Advisory Board meeting in Leipzig, Germany


20-22 OCTOBER 2014

OPPLA development meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  Operationalisation of natural capital and ecosystem services

OpenNESS aims to translate the concepts of Natural Capital (NC) and Ecosystem Services (ES) into operational frameworks that provide tested, practical and tailored solutions for integrating ES into land, water and urban management and decision-making. It examines how the concepts link to, and support, wider EU economic, social and environmental policy initiatives and scrutinizes the potential and limitations of the concepts of ES and NC.

  Latest news

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New OpenNESS synthesis paper on stakeholder involvement

The fourth chapter of the OpenNESS Ecosystem Services Reference Book has been published. The latest synthesis paper written by four of our OpenNESS members deals with stakeholder involvement in decision-making and research. Stakeholder involvement refers to participation of interest groups (i.e. representatives of locally affected communities, national or local government authorities, politicians, civil society organizations and businesses) in a planning or decision-making process. The levels and forms of stakeholder involvement are manifold from informing people to knowledge co-production. Read more »