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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia


Please read the OpenNESS case study booklets 'Ecosystem services in operation' and 'OpenNESS case studies' for the final outcomes and articles of the cases. Detailed information about the cases and the tools and methods used can also be found on Oppla:

Central to the project is a multi-scale case study approach, designed to ground concepts and theories on real world observations and analysis. OpenNESS develops a coordinated case study programme, which is used to analyse the application of the ES and NC concepts in concrete management and decision-making situations, such as integrated river basin management, coastal zone management, and urban and regional planning, covering a range of social-ecological systems including fresh water bodies, coastal zones, woodlands, grasslands and farmlands, and urban areas, and their interfaces. The case studies target key policy problems such as improving the quality of water, preserving biodiversity, using natural resources more responsibly, and combating climate change through increasing the use of renewable energy. European and global scale mapping and modelling approaches will quantify the flows of ES between European countries and other parts of the world.

Small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are closely linked to the case study research to provide practical solutions of how investment in NC leads to direct benefits that increase competiveness.

Case 01 - Ecosystem Services in Urban Land Use Planning: Case Sibbesborg in southern Finland
Case 02 - Landscape-ecological planning in urban and peri-urban areas: Case study of Trnava, Slovakia
Case 03 - Valuation of urban ecosystem services in Oslo: developing a spatially representative blue-green area factor
Case 04 - Integration of a Green Infrastructure Strategy into Urban Planning: The revision of the city's Master Plan, a case-study of Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain
Case 05 - Regional and national forest management planning: Case French Alps Vercors Mts Range
Case 06 - Integrating ecosystem services into forest policy and management in Finland
Case 07 - Forest management in Carpathian Mountains
Case 08 - Bioenergy-related synergies and trade-offs in ES provision in Central Germany
Case 09 - Cairngorms National Park management
Case 10 - Ecosystem Services in Multifunctional Mediterranean Landscapes: Sierra Nevada protected area case, southeast Spain
Case 11 - Biodiversity Offsetting in Warwickshire
Case 12 - Living on the edge in a drying region: Case Kiskunság, Central Hungary
Case 13 - Landscape and nature management in an intensively-farmed area in Belgium
Case 14 - Planning with Green Infrastructure in five linked cases
Case 15 - Multipurpose wetland construction and landscape restoration in a peri-urban area: Case Gorla Maggiore in northern Italy
Case 16 - Consequences of EU Water Policy (Water Framework Directive) for the Delivery of Ecosystem Services: A case-study of Loch Leven, Scotland
Case 17 - Adaptive management plan for Lower Danube River, Romania
Case 18 - Integration of ecosystem services in the planning of the Stevoort flood control area in Demer valley, Belgium
Case 19 - Ecosystem Services in land sparing planning: Case of Doñana in South Western Spain
Case 20 - Ecosystem Services in Coastal management: Case Wadden Sea, the Netherlands
Case 21 - Natural capital and ES for sustainable livelihoods in Costa Vicentina, Portugal
Case 22 - Biodiversity Offsetting in Essex
Case 23 - Cash crops driving land use changes in forest mosaic landscapes in East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India
Case 24 - Kakamega Forest Ecosystem Management, Kakamega County, Kenya
Case 25 - Retention forestry in Southern Patagonia to improve biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services in managed landscapes
Case 26 - Opportunities for the operationalization of ecosystem services involving bioenergy production and mandatory native vegetation areas in interior São Paulo, Brazil
Case 27 - Sustainable urban planning in the metropolitan region of Barcelona