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A list of frequently asked questions about the ecosystem services reference book

  Ecosystem services reference book

Edited by Marion Potschin (Fabis Consulting, UK) and Kurt Jax (UFZ, DE)

This reference book is made up of currently 24 individual Synthesis Papers (SPs) generated by the OpenNESS members. The individual SPs have been formally consulted within the entire OpenNESS consortium and hence represent an agreed document for OpenNESS defining and elaborating on essential ideas linked to the ecosystem service concept. All SPs have been gone through an editorial process including approved revisions. The consultation was handled for the consortium in a transparent way, e.g., the consortium could see how authors responded to the comments/criticism on the original drafts. These consultation documents can be found on the OpenNESS extranet.

The SPs are not meant to be a full review on the topic but represent an agreed basis for taking the work of the project forward. Its content may change, however, as the results of OpenNESS emerge. A final version, incorporating all the new material, will be published at the end of the project in 2017.

Terms within the individual SPs are linked to an over 200 words long glossary. Pdf versions of the SPs can be downloaded from the left-hand side of this page.

The following SPs are published on this website:

Bundles of ecosystem services by P. Berry, F. Turkelboom, W. Verheyden and B. Martín-López

Classification of ecosystem services by R. Haines-Young and M. Potschin

Competitiveness by R. Haines-Young, C. Kretsch and M. Potschin

Conceptual frameworks and the cascade model by Marion Potschin and Roy Haines-Young

Ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies by F. Turkelboom, M. Thoonen, S. Jacobs, M. García-Llorente, B. Martín-López and P. Berry

Ecosystem services: a gender perspective by E. Kelemen, M. Potschin, B. Martín-López and G. Pataki

Ecosystem services and human health by C. Kretsch and H. Keune

Ecosystem services and resilience by C. Kretsch and E. Stange

Ecosystem services and social justice by C. Kretsch and E. Kelemen

Ecosystem services and transdisciplinarity by J. Hauck, M. Potschin, S.-R. Saarela, E. Carmen, J. Dick, B. Martín-López, E. Kelemen and H. Keune

Effectiveness by U. Heink, C. Görg and K. Jax

Good governance by C. Görg, H. Keune, E. Primmer and C. Schleyer

Green infrastructure by F. Baró, R. Bugter, E. Gómez-Baggethun, J. Hauck, L. Kopperoinen, C. Liquete and M. Potschin

Human well-being by K. Jax and U. Heink

Indicators for ecosystem services by B. Czúcz and I. Arany

Institutional analysis by E. Primmer, C. Schleyer, G. Bela, I. Bouwma, C. Görg, H. Keune, D. Mortelmans and H. Saarikoski

Links between biodiversity and ecosystem services by R. De Groot, K. Jax and P. Harrison

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis by H. Saarikoski, D.N. Barton, J. Mustajoki, H. Keune. E. Gomez-Baggethun and J. Langemeyer

Nature-based solutions by M. Potschin, C. Kretsch, R. Haines-Young, E. Furman, P. Berry and F. Baró

Non-monetary valuation by E. Kelemen, M. García-Llorente, G. Pataki, B. Martín-López and E. Gómez-Baggethun

Public goods by C. Kretsch, J. van Dijk and C. Schleyer

Scenario building and its application by J.A. Priess and J. Hauck

Stakeholder involvement by J. Hauck, H. Saarikoski, F. Turkelboom and H. Keune

Sustainable ecosystem management by A. Smith, P. Berry, P. Harrison and S. Jacobs

Thresholds, tipping points and limits by K. Jax