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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the published Synthesis Paper (SP) on the website the final word on the topic in OpenNESS?

No, we have included the following statement on the website as well as on each SP:

About this document
This document is a preliminary but ‘stable’ working document for the OpenNESS project. It has been consulted on formally within the consortium. It is not meant to be a full review on the topic but represents an agreed basis for taking the work of the project forward. Its content may, however, change as the results of OpenNESS emerge. A final version, incorporating all the new material will be published at the end of the project in 2017.

  1. The SPs are very useful, not only for OpenNESS, but also for other projects. Are we allowed to quote them?

Yes, in most cases you can quote as soon as they are published on the OpenNESS website, which should normally take no longer than two months after the SP goes out for consultation. Should there be a need to cite something faster please contact the editors.

  1. How do we quote the SPs?

Citation of individual SP:
Author 1 and Author 2 (2014): Title. In: Potschin, M. and K. Jax (eds): OpenNESS Ecosystem Services Reference Book. EC FP7 Grant Agreement no. 308428. Available via: individual page

Citation of reference book:
Potschin, M. and K. Jax (eds) (2014): OpenNESS Ecosystem Services Reference Book. EC FP7 Grant Agreement no. 308428. Available via:

  1. How does the consultation process work?

  1. Many reviewers assumed that the initial document was only a first draft and that the authors would work on the points raised to produce a more elaborate version. Is this so?.

Yes and no. As soon as the SP is through the consultation process and accepted as a working document it is published on the OpenNESS website – this is the end of the process. However, the topic should be elaborated further as the project develops and this may result in a more complete manuscript that can be published formally. This will be outside the current SP process – see FAQ 1.

  1. Many reviewers provided lots of additional references and offered to send PDFs. Are we going to set up some kind of literature repository or online library?

At the moment only the 'must read' papers can be accessed through direct links from the SP on the website. But we will look into this.

  1. Why does a SP need to be very brief (max 4 pages)?

We will produce ca. 20-30 or more SPs by the summer of 2014. For the consultation process we ask all partners to comment. People are generally overwhelmed with the richness and length of material circulated in the project. Hence it was agreed that the SPs should be as short as possible. However, the editors encourage authors to develop the papers further during the lifetime of the project - possibly into a scientific paper (especially in collaboration with more contributors).

  1. How are the comments generated during the consultation process addressed and how can reviewers follow what has been done?

We have tried to make the review process as transparent as possible. Original comments are saved in an excel spreadsheet. Authors are then asked to explain how they responded to the comments. This excel spreadsheet is then uploaded to the OpenNESS extranet and available to all OpenNESS partners.