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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

RNDP Nitra

REGIOPLAN Nitra is a private association of independent experts in the field of environment, established in 1991 in Nitra, Slovakia. The company consists of 3-4 full-time experts and 5-10 external co-operators and deals mainly with project-oriented research. It has broad experience in environmental evaluation – more than 100 projects on local, regional and national levels (mostly in Slovakia). Customers are, e.g., state departments, regional and local authorities, universities, business enterprises. The main activities are: (a) Environmental and ecological research -  landscape-ecological plans and ecological network projects, environmental research and evaluation for urban planning process; (b) Land parcelling projects - nature conservation and ecological networks projects, agriculture and forestry planning; (c) Environmental impact assessment - screening and scoping projects - (road construction, water management, waste disposal, technical infrastructure, recreation, industry); (d) Sustainable development studies - National strategy of sustainable development for Slovakia, Sustainable development indicators in Slovakia and Czech Republic, Sustainable Development Index for world countries.

In OpenNESS, REGIOPLAN Nitra is involved in processing of a case study based on the urban area of Trnava town, Solvakia.