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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

Valuation pilot studies

  Oslo municipality level

  1. Economic liability was estimated for Oslo’s  0.7-1.2 million city trees > 5 meters, using Oslo Municipality’s VAT03 assessment method for trees on public land. The estimated liability of trees on public and private land was € 3.3-5 billion in total.
  2. Time value of recreation was calculated for an approximate 23.4 annual million visits by Oslo’s population to the Marka peri-urban forest. Depending on assumptions on the value of recreation time, the total value of visits was € 0.3–1.6 billion per year.
  3. Hedonic property pricing estimated the value-added in the property market of proximity to green space.  A conservative estimate of the value-added for all apartments close to green space in Oslo is € 2.3 billion in total (in 2013). 
  4. Travel cost and willingness to travel surveys have been conducted for visitors to the Marka forest.  The net value of visits for bare ground conditions (not skiing), subtracting for travel costs, estimates to € 300 million per year for Oslo’s adult population.
  5. Willingness-to-pay for protection of urban green spaces was estimated based on value transfer from an international meta-analysis.  Assuming Oslo’s citizens are willing to pay as much as in other cities, Oslo’s parks are worth at least €100 million per year.


  Project & district level

  1. Remediation costs of contaminated sediments using the ecosystem service of phyto-sanitary remediation (€ 60 000), versus a more traditional solution of excavation and removal (€ 450 000) were assessed for the Grorudammen pond. The estimated net benefit of using phyto-sanitation were € 390 000.
  2. Prevention costs of managing storm water in Ensjøbyen district were assessed for a surface system using blue-green structures versus a conventional closed drainage system. The surface system was 17% cheaper, with cost savings of € 360 000.
  3. Insurance payments due to flooding damage were calculated for Ensjøbyen’s 20 000 inhabitants.  Assuming that a surface based system mitigates average flooding damages per inhabitant in Oslo, the benefit of blue-green structures is  € 72 000 per year for Ensjøbyen alone.
  4. Time value of recreation in Svartdalen Park and nature area (30 ha) was estimated at approximately € 480 000 per year. Recreational time value shows positive economic returns to an investment in a path connecting the park and nature area.
  5. Hedonic property pricing estimates for Oslo were used to value the proximity of 290 apartments in Bjerkedalen housing association to the refurbished Bjerkedalen district park, including a reopened watercourse. Total value-added was estimated at € 5.7 million.