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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

Case 14 - Planning with Green Infrastructure in five linked cases

Please read the OpenNESS case study booklet 'Ecosystem services in operation' for the final outcomes of the cases. More detailed information about the cases and the tools and methods used can be found on Oppla:

GIFT-T! is a Interreg IVB project which started in September 2011 and runs for three years. Within the project partners from three countries - Great Britain, The Netherlands and Belgium - develop a method for robust, informed planning of Green Infrastructure (GI) and innovative implementation in five live case studies. These cases cover a gradient from peri-urban via agriculture dominated landscapes to landscapes with a large percentage of nature. In all 5 cases the economic, ecological and social drivers and the differing planning cultures are assessed. Partners then develop a planning methodology, apply it in the cases and observe and measure impacts.

For all five cases, GI Business Plans based on community based vision making, diagnosis and design for developing GI to their benefit are developed.

Particularly relevant for OpenNESS is that the stakeholders will be specifically made aware of the benefits (meaning: Ecosystem Services) they can obtain from GI and how they can optimize those by incorporating GI in spatial planning. The aim of GIFT-T! as an OpenNESS case is therefore to follow and learn from the de facto operationalizing of ES in GI planning, with the option to create added value for both projects through the use or testing of OpenNESS models or instruments. 

Alterra coordinates GIFT-T! and is responsible for methodology development, its scientific basis, investigating the potential effect of GI implementations on improving the connection between N2000 sites and monitoring the learning process of planning with GI in all the case studies. Of the two case study leaders for OpenNESS, Eveliene Steingröver is the GIFT-T coordinator while Rob Bugter acts as the link between the projects and the contact with other OpenNESS researchers. Together they will cooperate in developing the link between the projects to mutual advantage of both projects.